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Laborious Punishment.
No 4 continued.

to apply some limitation to both these points is
not to be doubted. With respect to the subsidiary
punishment, they would doubtless be deemed
to exclude Death and Mutilation. With
respect to the kind of service itself, they would doubtless
be deemed to exclude services incompatible
with Chastity. I mention these instances only
for the purpose of illustration. To
look for any more instances, much more to
attempt to draw a circle round the whole tribe assemblage
of such instances, would lead us to into discussions foreign
to the present purpose.

No 5.

In Holland a mode species of Laborious Punishment
is has been said to be employ'd, in which the subsidiary punishment
is ingeniously enough connected with the principal
by a train of incidents merely fr which
with respect to every other moral agent other
than the sufferer himself may be said to be
purely physical. By a preliminary arrangement The former punishment [is made to] follows necessarily
from the cessation of the latter, without depending
upon the will intermediate volition of any other person. The businesses of Informer, Witness, Judge, Jury and Executioner are all saved by this apparently ingenious and simple process. It may The patient is
set to pump in a leaky vessel, – which the
leaks are so continued as to aid
admitts so much water as in a given time as is
proportioned to or supposed to be proportioned
to his power of discharging it. If he pumps can pump and does
discharge it fast enough,
the labour is his punishment. If he can not or
does not, he is left to sinking and the pain
of drowning is his punishment. Care is taken we are to
I</add> suppose in this latter case to apply in time the
proper methods for recovering time his recovery.

So far the story. But it turns out to be a fiction. Mr Howard who was at the pains
of enquiring at B. upon the spot could not hear of any such

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