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Laborious Punishment

From When the servitude service is indiscriminate & no distinction
[no distinction in the degree of it, can be taken from the quantity or
quality of the work; since after saving the exceptions the by which in may it
since while limited it includes all quantities and all qualities whatsoever.
since in all cases alike, it consists in the being obliged
to do all any kinds of work at any time during the course
of its continuance.
It admitts of no other fixed distinction
than what may be do taken from the circumstances
of its duration.

But when it is specific it may be measured
out either by by the term of its continuance the kind and quantity of the work that is to be the product
of the labour, or by the time of its continuance,
in other words, a man may be set either to work by time, or to either at
work task-work
or by time. When by task-work in the first of these
ways, the task-work work may be set either all set
in at of
once for all, or periodically in parcels
set at different times. Now in whatever way
it be set, [of if being set in parcels, thereon a man
is] if [the doer performing once of it requires a an to be in
a particular place
[spot].] if in order to perform it a man
must be in a particular place, or if being set in
parcels, a man must be a in a particular place
in order to [receive it] have it allotted to him, it
imparts confinement. A man then in order to perform
the work must be at such time at a particular place. But
it is not merely his being at that place that [is sufficient]
fullfills the mandate by which the punishment here in
question is prescribed. He must not only be there, but

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