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Laborious Punishment – Eden

he had been giv in making but the page before, and to
Transportation, to which, upon the strength of those objections,
he was looking out for succedaneums.

In the next place the sense of their suffering punishment laying
alltogether out of the British dominions, the example
sufferings or the delinquents would be altogether out of sight. The nature
and quantity of them would be out of reach of
observation, and in good measure of conjecture. Hence
this apparent quantity would be liable to great uncertainty: inequality: in the eyes of some men it might be
very great; in the eyes of others it would be very
little: the change of condition might be looked upon
but as an adventure.

These objections The above apply to the point of expediency of the punishment
here proposed. Others there are that apply to the practicability.

In the first place, we are generally at peace with
all three powers: so that there are no British slaves
to be redeemed. Should we then Is it proposed Either then the
proposed is impracticable or it is meant that we should
send British subjects to redeem those of other perhaps
rival governments. In this case upon what terms
are we to restore them? Are we to restore them gratis,
or are we to be paid for them? And in either
case are we to carry convey them to their respective homes,
or where else are we to land them. These are matters
that can not be adjusted without entering into treaties for
the purpose with the several powers of Europe.

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