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Capital Punishment.

Of all the ways of producing the effect of simple
Death the most common are those which consist in the
putting in some manner of other a stop to respiration.
This may be done either by excluding air such air as is fit
for respiration; or 2dly by applying air that is not fit.

The exclusion of air from the lungs has obtained
various n names according to the various manners in
which it may be performed. When performed by There are two parts
be pressure external application of the respiratory canal at which the communication
of the lungs with the atmosphere may be cut off.
The windpipe and the mouth. When the obstruction
is at the wind-pipe, it may be performed either
by an external or by an internal application. When by the former it may be performed
by the pressure of an a foreign force exerted upon
that part the wind pipe, or by the weight of the body itself when
suspended from that part. In the former of these cases it
is called strangling; in the latter hanging. When the application
is internal it is called choking. When the
obstruction is at the mouth it is effected either by
a solid substance or a fluid. When by a solid substance,
it is most commodiously performed when the substance
is flexible as a featherbed or pillow. It is
then called smothering. When it is the obstructing substance is fluid
it is then called drowning. In drowning a small quantity
of water will sometimes often get through the windpipe
into the lungs: but the effect may equally be produced
without that incident.

When [the effect is] produced by the application of air
not respirable instead unfit instead of that which is fit for

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