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Capital Punishment.

Strangling is the method practised in Turkey upon
Mussalmen. It is there the punishment of honour; as
beheading is with us.

Beheading is practised in some parts of Europe
as the ordinary method of inflicting capital punishment.
In the Swiss Cantons it is the punishment for women in a case where men are hanged, women
are beheaded.
instead of Hanging. Howard 98. 11 ib. 115. At Hamburgh it is the common
method of execution for both sexes.†† †† ib. 120 So likewise is it in the
United Provinces# and in Poland:# # Mr Lind Privy Counsellor to the K. of Poland. Mr Buchati Chargè des Affaires of Poland. and in several
parts of the Austrian Dominion.††† ††† Mr Sylvester Douglas of Lincolns Inn.

Among the ancient Romans Drowning was the punishment for Parricide. The
other methods of inflicting Death have seldom been
practised in the way of Punishment.

Of all these various methods that which is attended
with least pain is evidently the best suited to the purpose. The difference between them In
this respect is not very great. Hanging however whichin
the way in which it is
is that most commonly practised is the worst. The
weight of the body alone when hanging from the neck is seldom sufficient to produce
a total and immediate obstruction. The patient
when left to himself struggles for some time.
Hence it is common for the spectators out of compassion
to cling upon him and add their weight
to his. Strangling may to some perhaps appear a
severer punishment mode of execution; partly from the prejudice against
every usage of despotic governments; partly on account
of the greater activity exerted by the Executioners in this
case than the other. But the fact is it is much less painful

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