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Capital Punishment.

certainly expeditious, and therefore much less painful than
the others [it is much less proof final than the other:
for it is much more certainly expeditious.] Strangling
in Turkey is performed by two men, who having
tied a knot with a cord about the patient's neck & pull
the cord at each end. By this means the force a is
applied directly in the corn direction which it must
take to create effect the obstruction it must take: in Hanging
it is applied only obliquely: besides that the
force of two men pulling in that manner is greater
than that of the weight of one man.

It is not long however even in Hanging before a
stop is put to sense; as is well enough known from
the accounts of many persons who being relieved in time have been survived
the operation. This is probably the case probably a good
while before the convulsive strugglings are at an end;
so that the patient appears suffers in appearance to suffer more than he
suffers in reality.

With respect to Beheading, the evidence of experience
fails us: but reason is not altogether wanting
for believing imagining that the stop put to sensibility may not
be altogether so quick as in the other case. A priori
there is no saying why a portion of sensibility may
not be kept up in the spinal marrow for a considerable
time after it is sever'd from the Brain. It is
so according to all appearance for different lengths of time
in different animals: in many worms, in wasps and in many other insects for whole days:
in tortoises for weeks.

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