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Simple Deaths. Simple mode of Punishment.

Of all these modes, at least of such of them as can easily be readily put in practise, strangling, seems to be the best
adapted to the design of producing an easy death.
Hanging is but an awkward way of producing
the same effect. The closeness of the stricture is
depended upon made to the weight of the body: but this
weight is very often insufficient to produce effect a
total obstruction. The sufferer is by this means
left to struggle with death for a considerable
time. On this account it is common for the
bystanders in order to shorten in the view of shortening his sufferings agonies
to cling upon him and add the weight of
their bodies to his own.

The pain however of this fr operation if successfully performed is

At any rate in the case of strangling as
well as of hanging some pain antecedently previously to
the cessation of the vital faculties must be experienced
from the effect of the pressure ligature on the
external surface. This it is true, if the operation
be well performed can be but of very
short duration; and on that account is upon can found
the whole of very inconsiderable magnitude, make upon the whole but a slight impression as
those many have often witnessed who have been recover'd from the effects of
this operation, after all sensation has been for a long
time at an end. Even this slight degree of pain
might be saved may saved in suffocation, when performed by plunging the sufferer into an
unrespirable atmosphere.

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