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Simple modes of Corporal Punishment. Capital

The punishment of Gibbeting used as it is in our Gr. India Islands is a complication
of all those miseries which Heat and Hunger
and Thirst, each raging in the most intense
degree, can conjunctively produce. When the it's duration
of it is taken into the account, it will
probably be found to be by far the severest punishment
ever yet devised by the ingenuity of man.
The persons to whom this punishment had been
hitherto appropriated are Negroe Slaves: and their
crime that which when being unsuccessful is termed
Rebellion, but which, if successful, would be self-defence.
Their constitutions of these people are to their
misfortune in certain respects so much hardier than ours
that If I have been informed aright men have days in such a known degree state of torment, it is not uncommon the to linger out so or be

It is said that this punishment is nothing
more than necessary; meaning to the maintenance maintaining
of that people in their servile state: for that the
general tenor of their lives is such a scene of
misery, that simple death would be generally a an invitation
relief, and a death less excruciative would scarce
operate as a restraint. This may perhaps for aught I know be true.
It is a certain that a Punishment to have any
effect upon a man must bear a certain ratio to the mean
state of his [enjoyments] sensations [condition] [way of living
in respect of suffering, & any enjoyments.] But it is But one
worth while to observe where it is this leads. can not well help observing where this leads. The
number of Negroes Blacks Slaves in these colonies
is to that of Freemen as about 6 to 1.
There are about 180,000 of the former and about

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