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Capital Punishment examined.

Now from this period in every other mode of punishment
there is positive pain produced positive pain may be sure to flow. Here there is none
at all: all the evil there is amounts to but a mere
absence of negation of pleasure. This evil has at the same time
an ample share portion of good to balance it: viz: the negation
of all pain.

More than this, the patient (reckoning always from the
period above mentioned) is actually upon an average a
considerable gainer by this punishment. The quantity
of [organical] pain a man undergoes fr in this course
of a natural death is beyond comparison greater
than that which what he undergoes in the course of a
violent one [inflicted in the way] in question of the kind in question. In the violent latter
the whole quantity of positive pain (the shortness of it considered) is next to nothing. In the former natural there
is almost always a large quantity of pain organical pain,
which seldom lasts less than a fortnight or three weeks;
oftentimes much longer. At the same time there is also a
large quantity of mental pain produced by the apprehension
of the event: To mention nothing of pains of sympathy, regret for the loss of expected pleasures, and pains of sympathy [from the thought of] grounds arising from the idea of the [grief concern which] affliction which the patient may apprehend will be felt by those to whom he is dear. All This is alloy'd indeed, but never
nearly ballanced by hope.

Were this then the only period to be considered, it appears that a violent Death
far from being a punishment would be an advantage a benefit.
What punishment then the patient really suffers must be
sought for in some preceding period. This period is
principally the interval between sentence and execution.
This period punishment [then with which it is occupied]
is consists the form of apprehension zoned gr grounded on the apprehension
of an event so terrible so formidable an event. But the same punishment

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