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Capital Punishment examined.

Subserviency to Reformation is an article a property
with which the punishment of Death it is
evident can have nothing to do. But though it
can not compass the reformation of the criminal,
since he no longer exists to be reformed, yet it
can and does compass the principal of the objects
of reformation, and that in a much surer manner
than any other. I say the principal object of reformation:
for these are it has two. The one is the prevention
of the mischief which were it not for
the change wrought in him by the punishment he it
might be expected might be apprehended to do: The other is the promotion
of the good which when [cured of the vitious his former
propensity vitious propensities that prompted him to committ the crime] reclaimed
from his vitious courses he might be it might be in his in a way the way to do. The first then of these objects is
compassed with certainty: the other as certainly not.
But the first as we have said is by much the more important. For
But the mischief which any man can do (and which a man who has been guilty of a capital crime must be deemed to be disposed to do) is
very great; it is indefinite in a manner infinite: and the utmost good which a man can do taken at
hazard random can do is in proportion very little.

This punishment is far from being seems in the main popular:
and it becomes less and less so every day; though in general
perhaps rather more from a false notion of its severity,
than from any clear view of other objections above noticed. There is case however there is in which it is does seem to be popular and

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