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B. III Introduction to the Book
B. III. Ch. 3

We ave considered &c

We now come to [considering] take a review of the

To apply the above speculations to practise we have
nothing more to do than simply to enumerate such of them
as are actually adopted and made use of by under the Law
of England.

Punishments in use under the Law of England
may like those in use under any other Law, be distinguished
into [such as are] simple, and [such as are] complex complex & compounded.

With regard to such as are simple, and the several
combinations of them that naturally form themselves, these
have been already considered as well with a view as well to the
description of them each as to their its advantages and disadvantages:
as far therein as relates to these a judgement
on the practise of the Law of England has been already
passed. Of compound punishments the ingredients are made
out of
can be no ther than those simple ones. Among Under
this head
compounded punishments I rank many of those which
the law has included under a name naturally
expressive of but a simple punishment. But if when in
professing to inflict one punishment only, it in fact
inflicts several which are distinguishable reparable in practise
as well as distinguishable in ideas, these that in fact form
it is plain a compound punishment. In the giving an
account we give of any thing, it is the nature of the thing itself
we ought to consider be governed by, & not its name. If two or more punishments
be in fact combined, although the name that is
given to the combination assemblage be such as indicates but one of
the them

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