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all-powerful in mischief. This owing to the conduct here
censured that the fabric of the Common Law is
in a sure almost where where in that tottering condition
in which [it stands at present] one who examines
it closely can not fail to see it stands: a
situation condition is tottering, that scarce any where in any part
can a man repose under it it in security.

That so far the design of the present work book may
appears to connect with that [much] more extensive
design of which it is a part, it may be of use to
shew how the business of punishment connects with
the rest of the business of Jurisprudence legislation Government. By these means we shall be enabled to [understand] share apprehend the station which the confined are now about to cultivate compares in the universal mess of Jurisprudence.

As the happiness of the community is that the clear
greatest quantity of clear pleasure that can be produced procured
in it, and that alloyed with the least possible quantity of pain that can be admitted is ought to be the perpetual task understood of it of Jurisprudence legislationGovernment
so are pleasure and pain the instruments (in fact the only instrument,) it has
to work with.

It is the general business of Legislation Government to produce
pleasure: but when the pleasure produced by any
act of Government is produced not for its own sake
but for the sake purpose of producing another & greater lot of pleasure advantage
it is called Reward.

On the other hand it is the for general business of
Government to avert pain. But when the if its prosperity producing pain on the any occasion may be a the very only a means of averting greater
pain or what comes to the same thing producing a more
equal equivalent pleasure, it becomes its business on such an
occasion to produce pain even in purpose. It is when Pain [thus]
pain is thus forproduced on purpose (that it is) stiled punishment.

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