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species of any real one. By Prevention then
when I speak of it as under the name of an end
of Punishment I use for shortness sake. Displayed At length
my meaning is that it is the benefits i:e: the negative pleasures
positive or negative which the Law occasions
by preventing mischief i:e: pains is the chance of
them that are the benefits it has in view when it
conducts itself But is punishes: when it punish literally speaking when Legislators or Judges
conduct their its other punish.

I do not expect that this notion by which Reformation
is reduced to Prevention should immediately received
by every body. Prevention they will say, regards
only the external conduct. Reformation regards
the inward disposition. Prevention they will go on
in their figurative language, only stops the hand: it
is Reformation that amends (corrects the mind vicious
disposition of) the heart. But this mode of speaking distinction between
external conduct & internal disposition, between hand & heart
when examined will turn out to be more showy
than substantial. A man's disposition is to the public at least no farther
of any consequence than as his acts are the result
of it. A man's conduct throughout life being given,
whether his disposition be good or bad (make no difference.) is to the society a matter of indifference. If To
suppose what is next to a contradiction, that no man it was
in the nature of things for a mans acts to be at variances
with his disposition, what the bsiness of the regulator
to endeavour is to produce in man a bad
disposition. In truth it is only from a man's acts
that a man his disposition can be judged of: or
indeed to speak out: it is a man's action, only that and all
exist: his disposition is but a fictitious entity.

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