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My Dearest

Your Sweet obliging Answer gave me a pleasure far beyond any
I have or cod have enjoyed since your Absence — and your little Jerry —
Boy I asure you seem'd to take a part in it with his Papa upon my telling him it was a Letter from his dear Mama — he cryed Kish,
Kish — and Kiss'd it several times and when I ask'd him what it was — he cryed Pape (for Paper) Mama — your pretty agreable
Expressions cod not fail to Kindle in me that Glow of Heart —
which is peculiarly your's to give & me to receive — you see I am
not for ascribing to you the whole of my happiness, since I am for
placing some of it to my own Account — not that it is the
detracting from your own merit — for Foreign Experience Shews
us in our observation of others (thank God! it is not our own) that how great so ever the Caup of Love
may be of one side in what ever is engaging indearing amiable — unless
it meets with another mind suitably sensible — susceptible — of the tender Passion — the
Elements of Fire & Water may as soon mix in Simpathy — as minds
& Dispositions equally opposite to Each Other — as it is not everything
in nature y.l is found to be capable of being Electreifyed, so as to produce
what has the appearance of material Fire — Fewer still are the Justa..ces of mind so happily paint'd, as to the both qui fitted & capable
to Strike the Cordial Fire of Hearts — such an Electricity, how
much wod more valuable wod be the Discovery of its Art ? than
the Phylosophers Stone —

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