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My Mother I thank God, was much better when she sat out upon her
Journey than Cod have been expected — I conducted her as far as —
Brentwood — but how well she perform'd the Rest, have not yet heard
hope to morrow will bring me some l.... of that & how she
found my poor hunt ——

The sooner you propose to return the more pleasure you will
give me with to whom you are always sure to bring your own
welcome — tho' I wod not be Instrumental in hastening you
up — yet I can't forbear wishing for my dear Companion
both at home & abroad where she wod not fail to make
my Life more Agreable in a few rambling Excursions that
we might make at the End of the Week — now before we —
setted in for Barking ——

I was in hopes I shod have had my Sister's Compys
to Dine with me to Day — they had give me their Appointment for
but other Engagem.ts have made 'em after it — & this,
morning I am going to take leave of Sister friby in MilfordCumtey's
met — when I shall let Debby know what you say —
Their Engagem.ts have been so many & mine too — I have had
none of their Company — but once before my Mo.r went ——

Let me know when you propose to Come up, & if possible
I may meet you some where near Town — I had thought of
making. a Party with M.r and M<hi rend="underline">rs Blake to have met you at
Salt — Hill — and taken a view of Windsor Castle — Mrs Blake's Mishap may prevent if — yet — but when I see Mrs Blake will

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