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Jerry a Visit - but all Entertainment
of a Great Fire wch broke out at Justice Quarrell's Warehouses in Whitechappel
within Three Houses of Jonathan Nellis's the Three Tonns Tavern at White
Chappel Barrs, whither you may imagin I went to ye Assistance of my Tenant
for whom I was more concerned than for myself as it was insured — it broke
out about five o' Clock, 2 or 3 lives were lost by the Explosion of a Barrell
of Gunpowder, & had it happen'd in ye Night in all probability the Whole
Butcher Row wod by this time been in Ashes - as the Houses fronting the Street
were mostly timber - one of 'em I saw from Nellis's Three times on fire
but happily extinguish'd & saved by ye brisk Play of the Engines —
and by ten o' Clock ye Fire was got under without consuming and
I cod observe any Dwelling House only a Stack of Warehouses & some
Stables & other outhouses -

The Secret is come out, & I can now account for your Son Jerry's
Inclinations to accompany you into Hamshire abating - he has owned
the change was owing to the Cold Water you threw upon 'em, by
telling him he shod be dipped every Morning in Mr Mulford's
of water - wch. he took such particular Notice of yt I find like
it rise upper most in his mind, & quench'd the ardent-Fire with
he burn'd, so visibly, before, to see his Friends at Baghurst — I had
forgot to tell you that Nancy had some Rig, I think it was o'
and Eat very heartily of it - & Nurse says she thinks
for it —

Our dear Billy Boy took the Loss of his old Friend
be expected, he has cut two of his Teeth, so that
and has for the General been purely brisk & well
wch are still upon the Eve of Cutting make him
good Terms with him, but I think I am the
you every body admired him & calls him the
Mrs. Saunders cod hardly part with him — Am sorry to find Baghurst become
the Rival of Barking in so bad a Goduct as that of Agnes, but if there is any left
I wod recommend the Recipe wch. cured young Buttall after withstanding the
force of All other Medicinal Applications for two years together - least you have forgot it, it is no
more than This - Take 30 Grains of Myrrh in strong wine Mountain or Sack, two

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