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Crutched Fryars Octr 13. 1760


Upon my Son's returning home from his visit to
take leave of Mrs Morel & you, I found he brought none
of his School Books with him, and it was not without some
difficulty, & being more peremptory with him, than I had
ever been upon any other occasion that I got the better of his
Reluctancy to tell me, that he had been plunder'd of 'em by
some or one of the Lads, who had found means to open
his Book Case, tho' lock'd, & taken 'em out; I cod not but
think it a little extraordinary that his property shod be
made a Ship wreck of, upon a presumption, as I suppose,
of his not being to return to School again: but as I
understood by him, that 'twas so notorious a transaction
as to be the first thing that Boys told him of, as soon as
they saw him; I thought it proper for your consideration
whether some Notice shod be taken of it by way of
Inquiry, for Example sake; for my own part, I had
much rather my Son shod lose fifty times the number,
indeed any Number of Books than add one to his own,
by such improper means: Boys that cod take advantage
of their School fellows absence in such a manner, it is
to be pers'd will improve but little in principle, whatever
they may do in Scholarship; and if such an Instance of
indirect behaviour shod be passed over unnoticed, it

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