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Queens Col. Nov 26.1760
Dear Papa

I made my last letter imperfect, on account of my not having
room enough to say all that I wanted; I find you had not received it
when you wrote your letter. I received my Cloaths last Saturday
sennight, and I suppose you concluded I had not received them, because
Mr Jefferson forgot to mention it when he wrote to you; as
he told me he did, (upon the receipt of your letter.) Mr Lind has
been to see me, with the Cambridge Verses; I was surprized when
he came into the inner Quadrangle, and asked me whether my Name
was Bentham. (for I was just going into my room) Pray who is thi
Mr Lind? he is not sure the Son of that rascall that won't pay his
debts, whose tythes you went to receive, when we were at Mr Halls,
I asked him to come up into my Room, and he did accordingly, and
staid about an hour and a half with me. as I was coming home
from Dr Lee's who should I meet in the street but Dr Burton? he
stared at me, and I stared at him for a little while, for I did not
know him to be Dr Burton, tho'I knew his face very well; 'till at
last he spoke to me "so little Bentham, (says he) how do you do, says I saw

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