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you today when I was walking with the Vice-Chancellor, but did
not know you, I hope you intend to come to Dr Bentham's, I dare
say he will be very glad to see you. by that I knew that it was
Dr Burton; so I thanked him, and all that: the Sunday following
after Church as I was setting with Mr Cowper in his room; somebody
knocked at the door, and when it was opened I perceived 'twas
a Servant in livery; as those People are not very common in Oxford
I could not imagine what he wanted; but he soon cleared
up the Mystery, by telling me that Dr Bentham gave his Compl
to me and would be glad of my Company that day to dinner; so I
dresses myself up as well as I could, and went there; we walked
about in the Garden 'till dinner was ready; but the Dr seeing that
I had pumps on, gave me a long harangue upon the danger of
wearing them in this weather, and told me I should get cold if I
did not get shoes. when I went away he made me a present of
some Reflexions on Logick, written by himself; and told me, he
should be glad to see me at any time to drink a dish of Tea;
and that they drank Tea at 5 o'Clock. pray tell I am not to direct

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