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Dear Papa

Queen's Coll. Sunday March 15 1761.

I have sent you inclosed 20 pages of my translation;
and intend sending you 40 pages next week which will
finish the book de contempendâ morte which is a great deal
longer than any one of the rest: Dr Bentham came to see
me in my Chambers to day and explained to me that part
that I have marked in large brackets which I was forced
to paraphrase upon a little as you see, for in some places
as the Dr says, the Latin cannot so cleverly be expressed
in English, without some circumlocution: before the
Dr explained it to me, I was forced to leave room to put it in
afterward, and go on. I should have told you that I have been to
dine with the Dr and Mrs Bentham who sent for me last
Sunday sen'night; they were very civil, desired I would come often,
and so forth: and Dr Bentham this time sends his Compliments
to you. I received your letter on Sunday evening, with
Floods inclosed in it; which indeed I think a very strange one
I am going to have an old Schoolfellow to drink Tea with
me by and by who is just entered at Christchurch, and is to
have a studentship given him by Dr Bentham. I hope poor
Sammy is better, and you and my Grandmama both well,

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