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them, except those that would have the same liberty taken
with themselves. for which reason if by our industry we have
acquired some share of Praise in Orator, we will much
more fully lay open the fountain-head of Philosophy,
from whence even that flows. but as, Aristotle a man of
most excellent Wit, learning and Eloquence, roused at the
Consideration of the Glory that Isocrates had obtained, —
began to teach his Scholars the Art of speaking also, —
and to join Wisdom with Eloquence; so we chuse not to
lay aside our Old study, Oratory, tho' we intend to exercise
ourselves in a nobler and more fertile branch of learning;
for this I always thought to be the most perfect Philosophy,
to be able to Discourse upon the most important Questions,
largely, and in good language, an Exercise in which we —
have taken so much pains, that we have even already —
ventured to have schools after the manner of the Greeks;—
and lately, since your departure to Tusculanum, when I
had a number of my intimate Friends with me, I tried
what I could do upon this subject, for as I used to ——
declame in causes, which nobody did longer than I, so now
this is the declamation of my Old age. I used to desire
somebody to propose a subject, on which he would hear
me argue: and on this I used to dispute, standing, or
walking, therefore I compiled the 5 days schools, as the
Greeks call them, in so many books, and we managed it
so, that when any one who had a mind to hear, would —


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