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speak his opinion on a subject, I held an Argument against.
for this is, you know, the old Socratic way of disputing.
this Socrates thought the best method of coming at the truth:
but, that our method of disputing may more evidently appear,
I will thus set it forth, as if the thing was actually doing,
not relating, hence it begins: Auditor. Death seems to me
to be an Evil. Marcus. to those that are Dead, or to those
that are to die? Auditor. to both. Marcus. it is a misery
then, since it is an Evil. Auditor. to be sure. Marcus.
therefore not only those that are dead, but also those that
are to die, are miserable. Auditor so I think. Marcus
what then is there nobody but what is miserable?
Auditor. nobody at all. Marcus. and therefore if you ——
would speak consistently, you must allow that all, whosoever
are born, or shall be born, are not only miserable, but eternally
so: for if you were only to say, that they are miserable, who
must die, you would not except one of the living; for all
must die, tho' we commonly expect the End of our Miseries in
death. and since the dead are miserable, then we are born to
a perpetual misery, for it must necessarily be that they who
died 4000000:40=100000 years ago are miserable, or rather
in short that all, whosoever are born are miserable.
Auditor. I am altogether of that opinion. Marcus. Pray
tell me now sincerely whether you are not frightened at
the triple headed Cerberus in hell, and the raging and
impetuosity of the River Cocytus, and the passing over


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