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vocal and instrumental Music, harmony; and that various
motions were excited from the nature and figure of the whole
body. like sounds in singing; he did not receed from this
device of his and yet what had been explained long before
by Plato. Xenocrates denied that there was any shape, and
as it were body, of the Soul; but said, it was a certain number,
whose power, as Pythagoras seemed to think, before him,
was the greatest in Nature. his Master Plato supposed
a threefold Soul; whose principal Quality, that is, ——
reason, he placed in the head, as it were in a Sorver
and would seperate from it, two parts, anger and lust, which
he disposed in different places; Anger he placed in the —
Breast, and lust below the bowels. but Dicaearchus in —
that discourse, he held at Corinth, which he setsforth in
three Books, in the first Book of his learned Disputants,
he makes many speakers, in the other two, he introduces
Pherecrates, an Old man of Pythia, Sprung from———
Deucalion, who argues, that there is no soul at all, and
that it is entirely an Empty Name, and that it was in
vain to say that there were animalia and animantes;
nor is there any animus, or Anima, in man or beast:
and that all that Power, by which, we do — or think
of any thing, was equally diffused in all living bodies,
nor was it seperable from the body, because it is nothing
but one simple and intire body, so fashioned, that in
the order and Constitution of Nature, it might grow and


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