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think. Aristotle who much exceeded any of them (I always
except Plato) in wit and application, having found there were
four known Principles, from which all nature sprung, adds
another fifth kind of Nature as it were, from which is the
mind. for the faculties of thinking, foresight, docility, —
Instruction, and Invention, and so, many others, as memory,
Love, Hatred, desire, fear, grief, joy; and these their
resemblances, he cannot think, are in any of those four.
He admitts of a fifth kind, that has no name: and thus
he calls the Soul itself by a new Name εντελεχεια, as
it were, a kind of continual and perpetual motion. these
I think are the opinions of any note, except a few that ——
perhaps may have escaped me; we will pass over ——
Democritus, that great man indeed, who nevertheless ——
taught that the Soul was nothing but a concourse of little
light globular particles; for that sort of people call —
every thing they do not understand a fortuitous ——
concourse of Atoms: out of all these Opinions, which is
the true one, God knows; which is the most probable,
is a great Question among us. had you rather we should
discuss this point or return to our proposition? Auditor.
I should chuse indeed both, if it could be done: but
it must be difficult to mix them. but however I dont
much care about them, so as I am but delivered —
from the fear of Death. but if that can't be done —
without Explaining this Question about the Soul,


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