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is because we think the beloved person is deprived of the —
Enjoyments of life, and perceives that. and this Opinion
we imbibe from Natures without any reasoning or document
but the greatest Argument is, that nature herself, as it
were, tacitly confirms it; because every one has cares and
those chiefly concerning things which will not come to ——
perfection till after his death. "he plants Trees serviceable
only to a succeeding Age" , as Statius says in his Synephebi:
with what view, but that he thinks the next will belong
to him? therefore the laborious Husbandman plants trees
whose fruit he will himself never see: shall not a
Great man as it were plant laws and institutes in the
Republick. what do the begetting of Children, the
propogation of the names of Adoption of Heirs, the
makings of Wills, the monuments over Sepulchres,
and Elogiums signify, unless that we think of Futurity?
What does this? do you doubt that every Specimen of
nature should be taken from the best of its kind? for
where is there a better nature of Men to be found, than
of those who think themselves born for the help defence
and preservation of mankind? Hercules was received
among the Gods; but certainly he never would have been,
had he not paved the Way for himself by his Merit
when upon Earth. these things are now of long standing,
and have received a Sanction from the Religious —
persuasion of people in general. what do you think were


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