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the Opinions of these many great Men in thus Republic
who dyed in their Countrys cause, did they imagine, —
think you that their name was to perish with their
body? no one certainly would willingly offer himself
up to death, for his Country, without great hopes of Immor=
=tality. it was allowable for Epaminondas; it was ——
allowable in short (without seeking for more Examples
of a different age and Country) for me; but there is a
certain Prognostic of future Ages, I know not how, as it
were inherent in our minds and this very strongly prevails
and is easily perceived in the noblest and most exalted
Genius's. without it, who would be such fools as to live
in continual dangers and hardships? I have been
speaking of great Men? but do not also Poets want
to be ennobled after Death. if not whence is this? See O
ye Citizens the figure of Ennius, who has celebrated
the most famous actions of your Ancestors. you see he
demands honour from that age as a reward for the
honour done by him to their Ancestors. the same also
says, "let no one honour me with Tears — for what ——
reason? because I am still living upon the Tongues
of men. but what think you of this, even handicrafts
would be famous after death. or else why did Phydias
not being allowed to inscribe his name upon his
portrait of Minerva, draw his own likeness? or why


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