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although the passages from the Soul to the body are framed
by Nature with the most exquisite subtility; yet there
must be always some impediments to Earthy and concrete
bodies; but when there will be nothing but the Soul;
there will be no impediment to its scrutiny. I would
explain copiously, tho', if the subject required it, how
many, how various, and what immense prospects the
Soul must have in heaven. when I was thinking of
this subject, I used often to wonder at the Oddity of —
some Philosophers, who admire the Knowledge of
nature to such a great degree and give thanks to the
Inventor and chief of that Science, with such exultations
and veneration towards him as if he were a God. for
they say, 'twas he that delivered them from their
most oppressive Tyrants, continual terrors, and daily
and nightly fear. what terrors? what fear? where is
there such a mad old woman, as to fear such things,
as you, truly, without the Assistance of natural ——
Philosophy, would have feared? which I suppose
are the lofty Temples of Hell near Acheron, the meagre
habitations of hell darkened with thick clouds. A —
Philosopher not ashamed to boast that he has been
freed from the fear of those things, and been ———
persuaded that they are false! from which one —
may see how sharp they were, naturally, since, if —
they had not been instructed, they would have ——


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