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believed these things: but I cannot think what fine
Opinion they must have got who imagine that when
we die, we are entirely annihilated; well, then let it
be so, (without disputing it at all) what is there —
glorious or rejoycing in it? nor indeed does any
objection occur to me against the doctrine of Plato,
and Pythagoras. for tho' Plato were to give no ——
reason for his Assertions (see what Deference X I pay
him) he would even bear me down by his Authority.
but he has given so many Reasons and Proofs, that one —
may see, he himself has no manner of Doubt about it,
and thinks there is no room for any in others. but many
are of a contrary Opinion and Condemned Souls to —
Death as if they were in a manner capitally convicted;
without any other reason, but that they cannot comprehend
in what manner Souls can exist without a Body, as if
they could tell what sort of a thing it is, in the body;
of what shape, Size, where its residence is; whether,
if they could see all the parts that are hidden in a
living person, the Soul would fall under their Scope, or
whether, being of so rare and subtile a nature, it would not
escape their sight....................................................

X N.B. a very poor reason, truly! That Tully should believe any
thing that Plato said, merely because he said it, is, in my
Opinion, as absurd as if I were to believe the Soul was mortal,
merely because you said it: besides, take away Plato's defence
of this opinion of his, and you take away almost all the Grounds
upon which the great reverence of Tully is founded.


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