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"to the Soul: for if it is the onely thing which moves itself;
"certainly neither is it born, not perishable." Although the
whole tribe of petty Philosophers (for so I call all those
who differ from the Sect of Plato and Socrates) shou'd
concur they will not only be unable to explain any thing
so elegantly but also even to understand how subtilly it
was wrought, the Soul, therefore, perceives that it is in
Motion: and at the same time, that it is moved by its own
power, and not a different one, and that it can never happen
that it will forsake itself. from which circumstances
arises its eternity: unless you have something to say
now. Auditor. I was so pleased with it, that I
would not suffer any Objection against it to occur to
me. Marcus. what? do you now at last think these
things of little moment? which declare that there is
something divine in men's souls? which, if I could —
see how they were created, I could also see how they
died. for I think I could tell how the Blood, Gall,
marrow, bones, nerves, veins, and in short the shape
of the whole Body and all the limbs were moulded
and fashioned: I swear by the Soult itself. I should
think, that if it had no properties but just to keep us
alive, our life would be kept up in such a manner
as that of a vine or other Tree; for we say, even these
things live. besides, if the Soul had no other faculties —
than those of seeking what is agreeable to it, and avoiding
what is disagreable, that also he would pertake of, in


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