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common with beasts: he has at first Memory, and an ——
infinite number of Ideas, which, Plato is of Opinion, are
nothing but a recollection of a former life; for in the Book
entitled. Meno. Socrates is introduced interrogating a
Child concerning the geometrical dimensions of a square,
The Child makes such Answers as you would naturally
expect from him; and yet the Questions are so plainly
contrived that by continual Answers he comes at —
Length to give such as, he would, if he had learnt Geometry.
from which, Socrates would prove, that to learn is —
nothing but to remember. which Passage he explained
much more accurately in the discourse that he held the
very day of his Death, for he makes a Man, who seems
to have no learning at all, own to him, in very Natural
and probable Answers, that, what he knew, he had not
learnt, but knew, upon recollection: and that it could
not be possible, that Children should have so many
and so Comprehensive Notions, which we call, (εννοιας)
implanted, as it were, in our Minds, and consigned to
them; unless the Soul, before it entered into the Body,
had had some knowledge of things; and whereas—
nothing that we see has a real and permanent ——
existence, as is Plato's opinion every where throughout
his writings, (for he thinks nothing really exists —
that has had a beginning and will have an End,
which is subject to encrease and decrease: and that


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