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shall lead a heavenly life; and when we are set free from
our prisons the body, the flight of our souls to heaven will
be thereby accelerated. for they who were always in the
Chains of the body, even when they are loosened from
them, proceed slower; as those cannot walk so well, who
have been a long time in Irons, but when once we come
thither then at length we live; for this life indeed is
death; which if I pleased, I could lament heartily. ——
Auditor. You have lamented these things enough in
your Consolatio; which when I read I am desirous
of nothing more than to leave this world; but having
heard what you have now said, I am still much
more so. Marcus. the time will come, and quickly
indeed, and that whether you would hasten or retard it:
for time passes away very swiftly. but death is so
far from being an Evil as you thought it was a long
time; that, I am afraid, we poor mortals, instead of
having no greater Evil, have no greater good, than
Death; if it is true, that we shall be either Gods ——
ourselves, or with the Gods, what signifies it? there are
some indeed, who would not much approve of this —
Doctrine. but for my part, I will never have done —
with you, till I clearly convince you that death is
no Evil. Auditor. how can I think otherwise, after
what you have said? Marcus. how can you, do you
ask? there will be crouds of Opposers, not only ——


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