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Epicureans, whom I do not despise, yet, I dont know —
how, a great many very learned men do: but my good —
friend Dicaearchus too has disputed most furiously ——
against it, for he wrote three books (which are called —
Lesbian from the discourses being held at Mytilene)
in which he wants to prove the Soul Mortal. but the
Stoicks give us a long life such as Crows have: for
they say, Souls remain a great while after their
seperation from the body, would you chuse to be
convinced that even if it were so, Death is no Evil?
Auditor. as you please. but however nobody shall
dispossess me of my opinions concerning its imortality.
Marcus. I commend you for that resolution of yours;
however you should never be too confident of any thing;
for we are often struck with any thing that is subtilly
and artfully invented; even in plainer things —
oftentimes our faith is staggered, and we alter our
Opinions: and in this indeed there is some uncertainty.
however let us be prepared in either case Auditor. to
be sure it is best to be so; but I will take care of
that, lest it should happen. Marcus. is there
any reason then why we should drop our friends
the Stoicks? those I mean, who mantain that
Souls remain for a good while after their departure
from the body, but not for ever. Auditor. yes;
they who can believe, what is much the hardest
point of all to be believed, that the Soul can


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