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for many Sons, Daughters, grandsons and grandaughters layd
Metellus upon his funeral Pile: but the hand of the Enemy
slew Priam, upon an Altar, after having been deprived of
such a Numerous progeny. if he had died when his Kingdom
was safe and his Children all about him and with all his wealth,
would he have departed from good or evil Circumstances? to be
sure it should seem from good: but certainly it might have
happened better; nor would those lamentable verses have
been made. "I saw all these things on fire, and the alter
"of Jove stained and polluted with Priams blood." as if these
things were true, or any thing could happen better for him.
but if he had died before, he would have missed altogether
such an Event, but at that time he lost the sense of —
misfortunes. our intimate acquaintance Pompey when he was
sick at Naples, was better Served: the Neapolitans were —
crowned so were the Pateolians: every body gave him publick thanks from all the Towns: a trifling affair, to be sure, but
yet fortunate. would he then have departed this life, —
(supposing he had died) in good or bad circumstances? —
without doubt in miserable ones. for if he had died at
Naples he would not have waged war with his father in law;
nor been forced to take up Arms unprepared; nor have left
his home; nor have fled from Italy; nor have fallen unarmed
in the hands and on the Sword of Slaves; nor had his Children
mourned for him; nor would his fortune been confiscated


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