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to the conquerors. but if he had died before it would have been
in the most affluent Circumstances: whereas by the prolonging
of his life, he underwent incredible hardships. these are avoided
by death; and indeed if they do not happen, yet they may
at any time: but men do not consider that. every body hopes
for Metellus's good fortune: just as if there were more
happy men than unhappy; or human affairs certain,
or it were more prudent to hope than to fear: but even
grant that by Death people are deprived of good things: are
the dead therefore in want of conveniences? and is that their
unhappyness? certainly they must say so. can a man, who
is not, be in want of anything? for the very name of want
is a sad thing; because this is implied in it; he had it, he
has it not, now he desires it, he requires it, he stands in
need of it: these are the inconveniences of want. is a man
deprived of his Eyes? blindness is odious, his Children?
so is the want of them, this indeed may be applyed to the
living; but as for the dead they are not even in want of
life. I have been speaking of the dead which are not. but
to mention the living: does any man want horns or wings?
no one certainly. why so? because you do not want a thing
which naturally is not requisite for you tho' you perceive
you have it not. this argument should be inforced more
and more, which being confirmed, , if souls are
mortal, we can make no manner of doubt of, but that


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