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had a longer life granted them, it would not be more agreable:
for truly nothing is more pleasant to man than Wisdom;
which Old Age certainly brings, however it may take away
other things, but what Age is long? or what at all is long to
man? does not old Age insensibly make its' approach, to
Children and young men? but because we have nothing
beyond it, we call it long all these things are only longor
short in comparison with one another. Aristotle says
there are certain little beasts about the river Hycanis,
which runs from a part of Europe into the Sea, that —
live only one day. to these, light hours would be an advanced
age, a whole day, a decrepit old age; but the longest day in
the year still more so. compare the greatest age that man
ever arrived at with Eternity, and the difference between —
mans Age and that of those little beasts will almost vanish.
let us therefore despise these follys, for how can I give a
better name to such weaknesses: and Place all the good of
life in the Strength and greatness of the Soul. and in a —
virtuous contempt of all human concerns. for at present we
are degraded by the weakest and most effeminate thoughts:
insomuch that, if we were to die before the accomplishment of
the predictions of the Fortune-tellers; we should even think —
ourselves baulked, disappointed, and robbed of great riches, and
honours. but if we are upon the tenterhooks with expectation
and tormented and vexed with desire; Oye immortal Gods,


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