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how pleasant should that Journey be, at the end of which
there will be no care, no sollicitude! how I am delighted
with Theramenes, at his noble courage and magnanimity!
tho' we cannot help crying at the bare reading of him;
(yet more worthy of Admiration than pity): who being thrown
into Prison by the thirty Tyrants drank off Poison as if he
were a dry thirsty; and flinging down the Glass so as to make it
resound, laughing he said, "Drink this to the handsome
Critias," for he was the warmest of his Prosecutors: and it was
the Custom of the Greeks at their banquets, to name whom
they were about to give the Cup to that Excellent man jested
even in his last breath; and with death in his bowels,
fortold to him to whom he had drank, the death which ..
overtook him soon after. who would praise this ——
aequanimity in death itself, if he thought death an Evil.
a few years after Socrates went to the same prison and
drank of the same Cup; by the same unjust Condemnation,
as Theramenes. what Speech then was it that Plato said
he made before the Judges just at the time of his
Condemnation? "O ye, Judges, says he, I have a firm
"assurance that this death is the luckiest thing that
"could happen to me, for either one or the other of these
"things must happen: either death will take away all
"my Senses, or I shall go to some other place. for which
"reason if my sense is totally extinguished, and death


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