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that, yet in the rough way of the Cynics, bid his friends throw
him any where without burial: what would you be devoured
by Ravenous birds and beasts, said they? "no, says he, lay
"a Stick by my side, that I may drive them away" how
"can you, said they, for you will have neither feeling nor
thought. "how then will the beasts hurt me (says she) when
"I cannot feel". it was an excellent saying of Anagoras;
who when he was on his death bed at Lampsacus, being
asked by his friends, whether if he shoud die there he
would be carryed to his own Country Clazomene: "it does
"not signify, says he,; the journey to the other world is as
"long from one place as another". there is one thing in
particular to be observed of Burial; that is, that That only
pertains to the body, whether the Soul perishes or flourishes.
besides it is Evident, that when the Soul is fled from
the body there remains no sense. but every thing is
full of Error. Achilles drags Hector at the tail of his
Chariot; I suppose he thought he felt it. so he revenged
himself as he thought. but she grieves at it as the
saddest thing in the world; " I saw a sight I could"
"Scarce bear to see, Hector dragged behind a Chariot and
"four" what Hector? or how long will he be Hector?"
it was better said of Accius, and the sometimes wise
Achilles: "I have given the body indeed to Priam, but
"Hector himself have I taken away". he did not then


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