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drag Hector along, but the body which was Hector's. here
comes another that wont let his Mother sleep. "Mother,
"I call you, thou who sleepest secure from care, nor pitiest
"thy Son; arise and bury me." these things being sung
with such forced and piteous gestures so as to make the
whole theatre sad; it is no wonder that those who lie
unburied are thought to be miserable: "before the wild
beasts and birds:" — he feared his limbs might not be so
well used when torn; yet he did not fear to have —
them burnt." do not thus suffer what remains of me to
be stript off my bones, to be consumed and polluted —
with black gore." I do not understand what he is afraid
of; that makes such good Hebdometer verses, it is to be
understood then, that people should not be anxious about
the treatment of their bodies after death, tho' many punish
their Enemies even when they are dead. Ennius in —
notable verses makes Thyestes imprecate dreadful
curses upon Atreus wishing that he might perish —
in a shipwreck; that would be a terrible thing to be —
sure: for such a death could not be attended with great —
pain. but how weak & trifling is this! "fixed upon the top of
"a sharp rock, bowelled, hanging o'one side, sprinkling
"the Rock, with corruption gore and black blood." the
stone itself could as well feel as he could those —
torments, while he hung on one side: how grievous


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