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Despise Pleasures, every pleasure is injurious
that is purchased (in its consequences) by Regret.

Among all the follies and pursuits of mankind nothing
surprises me more, my fellow Collegiates, than that men
should think of attaining the highest felicity by those
means, which, instead of producing Pleasure, are, on the
Contrary, frequently attended with pain and misery; for
it seems unworthy of Man, possessed as he is of that
noble faculty of Reason, who discerns the consequences
of things, understand their Causes, and, by comparing
things with one another, can choose the good and avoid
the Evil: yet Bests, that are actuated by mere sense
alone, can guard against, & fly from things hurtful, and
know how to shun those things that are attended with
future pain as cautiously as they wod the venomous
bite of a Viper. But man, who, on account of his rational
facultys, boasts of his Excellence above the Beasts, ——
greedily covets, ardently longs for, and stupidly pursues
those very things the wiser Brute flys from & avoids.
O blind Infatuation of Men that despising the Council of
Reason, their best guide, drives 'em head long into certain
and manifest ruine: Is this to excell the Beasts? Is
this your so much boasted Wisdom? for shame! this
is madness itself: to abuse the best and most precious gift
of the deity by means so mad, so base, so impious but
this appears with still greater certainty when we —

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