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Dear Papa

My Grandmama thinks that maid you mention'd
to her in your letter will not do, and would not chuse to have so young
an one, and would likewise have one that understood something in
the Kitchen, finds that they expect as much wages as they that
can do more; as to Betty she goes on pretty well at present. she
does not doubt but that there will be maids enough offerr themselves
in a little time. upon opening the Teachest my Grandmama
found all the tea was gone; and therefore desires that when
you come you would bring some with you, the Doctor is gone to
Town, and will not come home till Thursday so that I can do
nothing till then. Your dutiful Son

J. Bentham.

Tuesday 12th Decr 1762.

Mr Bentham's Complimts to Mrs Holmes, &
will do himself the pleasure of drinking a
dish of the Tea, with her to morrow being
fryday it the last, he was delaied
in the Country kept from by some friends that spent the
week with him — in the Country & In wishing that the Round
of the year may continue as chearful & as
Joyous as the Beginning of it was, he can'thas
helpthe pleasure thinking of Mrs Holmes who contributd
so much to make it so. — Jerry, poor boy!,
wants to know, whether he forfeits his share
of the Ticket merely because his father is to be
hang'd both he says, couldmay be too much
for him to bear — He comes up on Monday

& where he & his son, were
however did not forget
wanting however, to remember
the day, in a suitable Toast.

to set off for Oxford the next Day
unless his Friend in the
Buildings shod collect it herself
so far in his favour, as to
admit him to his share in
the disposal of the Ticket whether
Blank or for a prize in that case he
will be obliged to her for respiting
his Journey a day or two

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