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way to Farringdon in Berkshire: the distance is full 18 miles, we
got there at 1/2 after 9 myself indeed very much fatigued: for till
with 2 or 3 miles we had walked at the rate of about 4 miles an
hour. we made shift however to leave the place at 11 the next morning
after taking a peep at the town and outside of the Church where tho'
we spent some time in looking at the monuments we found nothing worth
observation. between 4 & 5 we got to Fairford through Leachlade which is 10 miles & spent
the remainder of the day in viewing the painted Glass for which the
place is famous: by the way we regaled ourselves with 10 puffs and
part of a vial of brandy which the Dr had made up in packets and
Mrs Bentham, deaf to all remonstrances, had with the utmost kindness
crammed into my pocket. as soon as my Aunty to my father is paid, I shall
offer my thanks to those valuable friends — to my Aunt I wrote yesterday
from Ross in Herefordshire from Fairford we continued our journey
on the Monday to Cirencester which is between 8 & 9 miles stopping
on our way at a farmer's who was brother to Mr Ballock an
acquaintance of Mr Clark's, & saw that evening the fine old Church at
Cirencester, from whence we copied some ancient inscritpions. Tuesday
we spent in admiring Dr Bathurst's woods, the usual way of visiting
them is on horseback, but that we were above. on Wednesday we
travelled to Gloucester, breakfasting by the way with a Clergyman
we had scraped an acquaintance with, and dining at a pretty snug the
house at the summit of Burlip hill, from whence we had the most
enchanting prospect my eyes ever beheld. to Gloucester we got about 60'

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