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thank God I have hitherto had no reason to Entertain the
least apprehensions of a disappointment; and as you have every
encouraging Circumstance to quicken & animate your Endeavours
to qualify yourself for the Profession you are designed for; I hope
you will make so good a use of your Time, before you can be
called to the Bar, by persevering in a regular Course of Study
at your Chambers, & by a Constant attendance upon the Courts
of Justice, as to enable yourself to make every proper Return
to your friends that may employ you, by being really useful
to them, wch you must be sensible is the surest means of
Continuing their good offices - & consequently of building
your own fortune.

In the Resolution I have taken to change my Condition,
my happiness to do it, with One that has given the
of her regard for me & my Connections, that any one
by not desiring any Part of my fortune besides what
in common with her own while we both live
Consideration of which, ( if there needed any other,)
of the generous & obliging Temper & disposition
Abbot shews upon every occasion when there is any the least Claim to her friendship & regard) will I hope
a suitable Return from you; and it is with pleasure
can assure you that she has frequently express'd much
satisfaction, in your obliging behaviour to her — and as
I have all the reason in the World to promise myself
a faithful disinterested & agreable friend & Companion
in her for the Rest of my Life. I hope it will prove
an inviting Circumstance to you, to come oftener here
from Inclination than Duty. we shall have a Table & Bed
ever open to receive you. we Propose this Day Seven-
night for the Day of our Marriage, & that the Ceremony
shall be perform'd by Dr. Smith, the Master of Westminster School
either at St Margarets or Westmr Abbey. immediately after
wch. we shall set out, for a few Days, upon a Journey to Suffolk
wch. is a Part of the Country Mrs. Abbot has never been in as great
a Traveller as she has been, since our Return from Weymouth we

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