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Hond Sir

I take the liberty of requesting your assistance in
furnishing us with some articles we have occasion for in our expedition;
the plan of which as to the outset is now pretty well settled —
on Monday my Uncle and Aunt propose to set out directly
for Turville Court, and from thence to Mr Shippon's near
Northampton: so far my Aunt will ride tdouble: they are then
to send back to Baghurst for myher Mare, & I am to return
with the Man to meet them there, from whence we shall proceed
the rest of the way together. My Aunt has a mind to
have a Net to throw over the Mare to screen her from the
Flies, which would be very troublesome to her now in the hottest
time of the Year; she would therefore take it as a favour if my
Mother would purchase her one and send it down on Friday, if
possible, by the Exeter or Salisbury Coach, or any other that
goes that road, to Basingstoke to be left at the Post House: as
some of them set out very early, it should be sent to the White-
Horse Cellar over night. she would have it of white Thread,
of the size fit for a Horse not quite 14 hands high. if there
is any difference in the make of them she leaves the choice
to my Mother: only I know she would avoid finery as much as possible,
as that was at first an objection with her to the having

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