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could deserve — they have brought home with them
one of Mr Pyre's daughters who with her Brother
and two sisters had been a twelvemonth sort of a smuggling at a Mechant's
at St Omer's for education — a strange
sort of a contrivance calculated only to get them out
of the way, while the Father who you know is a strange
creature was muddling out a wretched existence by
himself at home.

I received t other day a letter from Sam
full of Fractions Vulgar and Decimal, Roots late
as well as Square: by what I can
Master and Scholar are so well satisfied with
each other that he goes to Mr Cowley as often as
the weather will permitt without much regard to
days of which, if I understand him right, he had
omitted but two in all the time from his beginning
to the 18th the date of his letter — Mr Cowley's
confinement to I suppose gives him the opportunity
for the present of practising this extraordinary
assiduity — It is very happy when these abstract
Sciences, the stumbling block of so many, meet with
so much alacrity in so young a boy to encounter them.
My paper is exhausted before I am aware and I must conclude
with a premature but very sincere assurance that I am Dear Sir
Your dutiful & affectionate Son J. Bentham -

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