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I gave my father some hints tother day about your
scheme of your being discharged from the yard previous
to your going to Petersburg - he seemed not to relish it,
from his inability to believe that you would continue nevertheless
in a capacity or at least in the track of promotion. If however that difficulty could be overcome,
I think he might be brought into it. Against you come,
you must therefore furnish yourself with proofs of this.

Why do I hear no more of Burkit's Fire-escaping engine?
is indolence (if such it may be called) his ruling motive?
or is he industrious only to make things for the pleasure
of shirking when he has made them that he has thrown away
his time? You know how many pair of Stairs my Garret
is from the ground - If I should be burnt for want of
it, my Ghost shall lead him a weary life.

Uncle. Ay - that was that I might not forget — I have received a
letter from my Uncle dated 23d of this month in answer to
one I had written to him as I promised - he talks of coming to
Town in a fortnight from that time, and promises in the mean
time to use his endeavours to get the paper as you desire,
and bring it with him.

Once more — The time within which the engine must be sent,
(if at all) for exhibition approaches fast — I think it is the 1st of
Jan:y but that you know by a former letter - If he will get it and
send it or bring it to Town, I will speak to Mr Lind and any other friend
I may have in the Society - if not —why - there is nothing more to be said
about it — And so, good night, my Dear Sam, having filled his paper says
Your ever affectionate Brother - Jere:y Bentham.

Mr Gray was very well advised in not meddling with the Dutch Lottery Tickets - It seems to have
been a trap laid for him by some villain — if he had disposed of them, and written word of it, his letter would
have been full evidence to convict him — the penalty is [by Stat. 6 G.2. ch. 35. ʃʃ 29.] £200 - and a year's Imprisonment.
If the postage is an object, I suppose he may have it back by the method you mention, but as to that can say
nothing of my own knowledge

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