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Lincoln's Inn Friday 28 Jan.y 1774.

My dear Sam

Your silence had begun to be a matter of some
surprize to me; and is now of much more concern, since
I have heard the cause of it — You frighten me with your
Catalogue of disorders — From what you tell me of the
ill health of the family, it looks as if they were owing
to the place — If so, you had better leave it for a
while, till the cause whatever it be is dissipated, and
come back again to your old quarters — Putrid sore throats,
by the bye, if that has been one of the complaints the
family have had as well as yourself, are contagious —
What advice have you? If you do not mend, let me
know, that I may come down to you. Whatever
you do, lie in bed as little as possible — Your habit
of body is naturally relaxed: and lying in bed, which is
sufficient to weaken persons in health and strength to a
great degree, must have that effect in a much greater
degree upon persons already weakened by a disorder.
If you cannot support yourself in a common chair, the
best thing is an easy chair, if it can be got, enclosed
on all sides with a cushion at bottom, such as in short if you
remember as my Grandmother Bentham used to have
in her Bedchamber

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