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If she has, you shall have a Gold one, either hers or mine
unless your prefer use to finery; for your own. I believe is better
than either — perhaps yours might fit the case of mine.
I believe I shall employ half of it (I mean the cost) on the purchase of a
modicum of stock which will bring in a 100' a year: the
rest I must risk in bringing myself even with the world,
in the long-wished for Articles of furniture you have heard me
speak of, & perhaps £8 or so in Natural Philosophy.

Friday morning—

Friday evening— I have seen my Father. I dined with him
at Q.S.P. upon his return from the Funeral—Mr Clark
was there. I don't know whether you will have your watch
or no - appearances seem against you - I mentioned this affair
to him, he acknowledged his knowledge of Mrs W.'s intention
but said there was nothing about it in the Will and he had
no notion of nuncupatory Wills against written ones. My
mother then put in a word. The old Lady had used to shew
her a pair of Chintz curtains and tell her they were to be
her's- but there was nothing about it in the Will, & so that
was an end of them. I said upon that, if all parties were
not agreed I had no more to say about. She replied luckily
that she did not want it for her part, she had one of her
own. My Father then asked me what I could want with the

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