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Your Boat with? You who blew so hot when the weather
blew so cold, do you now blow colder, as the weather, Sir,
blows warmer? Think & If you regard not an epigram of Martial,
hear a text of Scripture " These things ought yet
to have done, and not to have left the others undone"

Alas! Samuel Night is come, and I can write
but very little longer — I don't know that either
of us is a Sorcerer, that we are thus both stricken
with blindness — You indeed with your spouting:
Dolphins and Water Trumpets may be a conjurer,
for ought I know — But I ! what have poor I done ?
however so it is — For these 3 weeks past I have sympathized
with you in your blindness — As the Candles
have come, my eyes have gone — It began with an
Inflammation in my left eye seemingly from cold, with
soreness and a trifling degree of pain — I put a salve
to it a day or two after, of Mrs Browne's prescribing
which seemd to have taken off the other Symptoms, but
left a weakness behind. My eyes ( for I put it to both, as
the right began to be slightly affected) felt very stiff & astructed

before you he left Town: but it is gone the way all other go with me— If you were
to skin me alive this instant you could not get it out of me — You would get just so
much and no more out of me as you would out of a Cat, viz: that is to say the Pain
My Father's pain is as long upon the occasion, as a reasonable man's arm.
You would think he had neither property not credit.
Adieu mon Frere. J.B.
April 5th
Ramsden is .....
but I won't
swear I
must not
send this
letter, I
believe till
you some
fresh account
of him

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