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Hon'd Sir

I delay'd writing to you longer than I intended, that I might tell you if any
thing particular happen'd during the visit which Lord Sandwich and the Navy Board
paid us, he came in the Augusta Yatcht on Monday last; The Navy board consisting
of Fr John Williams, Mr Marsh, and Mr Palmer, came the evening before.

Tuesday morning we Shipwrights passed through the Commissioners Office one by one
as the Clerk of the Checque called our Names, to be reviewed by the aforesaid great man.
Mr Marsh and I believe Fr John — did me the honour of a Bow as I passed thro'
and Mr Marsh told me afterwards, that he then told his Lordship who I was
and that I had made an improvement on the Chain Pumps, his Lordship said
he supposed I was to be a Capital builder in the River, Mr Marsh told him
he believed I was for therewas little or nothing got by being a Builder in his
Majesty's Yard. the same day his Lordship expressed a desire to see Mr Gray's
curiosities such as the Model of the Launch & Mr Gray desired me to get find them in
order which as soon as I had done his Lordship and the Navy Board came, Mr Gray introduced me
to him, and I showed the lions, But bias was near coming in disgrace upon the
occasion, the case was this, his Lordship found fault with in the Model of the launch
because it did not represent in miniature something which always happens to a ship
just before launching. The Surveyor told him it was impossible to represent it, Mr
Marsh and Mr Gray said something to the same purpose, his Lordship still said it
might very easily be done and I having just then thought of a method to effect it,
was just going to propose it, when I recollected the Surveyor of the Navy Mr Marsh
and Mr Gray agreed that it could not be done, therefore fearing their censure especially
if I should have been mistaken, I thought it most prudent to keep it to myself.
soon after, I had Mr Marsh entirely to myself, and when he mention'd my pump, I told
him I wished to have the Navy Board's reasons for thinking Cole's Pump superiour
to mine, for that some gentlemen who I thought understood those matters very well
prefered mine to Coles. he said so did he, I told him the Surveyor also said he prefered mine

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