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And yet the Navy Board in their letter to me told me they thought Coles superior to mine,
he said they did not think so but as they were had contracted with Cole and had
employ'd him they did not like to turn him off. &c &c &c

So much for those great folks, now about Charles's not paying me the proposed visit, I
think the reason gave by my Mother was that a stay of more than two nights was supposed
to be inconvenient and that so short a stay in short was inconvenient also, if so with all
submission I would ask when these objections may not exist since most likely a stay
of two nights in his next vocation will be no longer than a stay of two nights in the
last. But if Charles wont come before this aforesaid next vocation, he may perhaps appoint
Farr his deputy, with authority to act with me as Captain Charles Abbot, and I will
receive him as such I get more acquainted every day with Mr Cambell Ch of Cheque.

I have thought much about my Boat lately and have added some improvements to it, that is
to it built in the Air through which it sails with amazing swiftness but I have not began
that which is so sail in the water my apparatus to try my experiments not being as yet
finished. There is a Swede taking a Perspective view of Chatham Dockyard &c with whom
I am intimate so with these things Euclid and some few others I have enough to do.
I am now almost out of patience with my Pens for not having a Penknife with me
I have tried used 17 new Pens in writing this letter and not one worth one farthing Therefore
As bad books mark bad work, and the letter is not very short I hope you will excuse
more from

Your dutifull Son

Chatham Dock Yard
June 12th 1774

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